Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Art auctions and stuff

Like many artists, I am often asked to donate work to charity art auctions—I love doing this to support causes I believe in, but there is a little known downside. While the auctions I participated in this year were successful and raised lots of money for some great organizations—I, as the artist, can only write off the cost of materials for a piece of art donated.  Yes this is for real!!!  Nothing more. Sometimes we receive a % of the sales price, but often not. 
Distant Horizon donated 2017

I read an article by a fellow artist Rachel McCampbell   Should Artists Donate to Charity Auctions"     
Donation 2015

The opening line of the article I have said myself many times...

"How many charity events have you attended where a surgeon has donated a hip replacement or a lawyer has donated fifteen hours of their expertise?" 

If this resonates with you, please take a look at Rachel's article and think about your next donation.  I am not advocating that charity art auctions not take place but that we should open a dialogue with these great organizations we want to support, so that everyone benefits.

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