Thursday, April 30, 2015

What is your Creativity Ritual or Practice?

 I'd like to share a link to an article from The Healing Power of Arts and Artists.  Below is the beginning of the discussion.

Artists Share Their Rituals Part I

Artists Share Their Rituals
Renee Phillips asked:  “Do you use any regular rituals or practices before you begin or during your art process, such as meditation, listening to favorite music, or doing exercise? I’m doing research for an article and hope to include interesting responses.” Within minutes the replies came pouring in. They are fascinating and have exceeded my expectations.
“Artists Share Their Rituals” will be a series of articles. For this first article I decided to select replies received from some members of the Manhattan Arts International Featured Artists Program. In addition to an image of their artwork you’ll find a link to their Featured Artists page article on the Manhattan Arts International website.
Enjoy, leave a comment, learn more about the artists, and please join the discussion on Facebook.

Thank you Renee Phillips

What is your creative ritual?

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