Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Artists personal reflections of her paintings.

A friend today suggested that I should blog more about the personal aspects of my work.  What I was thinking, choices, and what I am trying to communicate in all these abstraction of cold wax and oil.  So I will being :
Gardener's Journal  12"x12", $395
First I will say my work always looks better in person.  From a digital photo you can not even begin to see the beauty of this work.

 This painting is part of a small series I have begun titled Gardener's Journal.  Many people who garden keep a log of what they do from year to year and what they want to do once Spring breaks.  The title is reflective of that time of planning.

  The Spring green in the fore ground and the marks near the top are scratched in the ground. I was thinking of the approach of Spring on.The marks are balanced by the green and calmer space in the foreground.  

detail of upper left corner

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