Thursday, March 21, 2013

When the show opening is over

When the exhibition opening is over I have a feeling of whew!!!!.  The paintinf is finished, the framing is done,  I have transported the work and enjoyed a wonderful opening event now what?  A lot of artists go through this anti climatic period.  Here are some ideas on how to get over the hump.

1. Allow your self to have the anticlimatic feeling.  When most people after achieving a goal large or small have the ,  what now period.
2.  Try mindless work....primeing canvas, sweeping the floor(my studio is always a mess after a big push or get reaquainted with someone you have not seen in awhile sence the big push to the finish.
3. I always begin the journaling process to get the ideas I have had but can't act at the moment to start surfacing.
4.  My favorite is work in the garden.

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Storypainter said...

Post-reception letdown is a common thing, particularly when you're working hard to create new works for the show. I always go through a period of "now what?" afterward. Like you said, I can get through it by getting some mindless-but-necessary work done, trying some new techniques, journalling, and similar activities. Gotta give the creative juices some time to rejuvenate themselves. They always do, although it may take some time.