Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Recipes- scalloped oysters

As I prepare for dinner tomorrow of course the childhood memories flow.  Especially around my family's famous Scalloped Oysters.  You see I always assumed everyone enjoyed this delicacy.  Isn't that the way it is with these specialty recipes.  This one actually comes from my Grammy Taylor on my Dad's side and can be found in the Better Homes and Garden Cook Book my childhood cook book. Scalloped Oysters really are nothing more than a few oysters, a stick plus of butter, half and half and Ritz crackers.  But the assembly is the secret and my Mom has perfected it to a science.  To the point one year I bought low fat Ritz crackers and you would have thought I had bought Saltines instead. She grumbled all through the creation because the crackers would not crumble properly.  Other than the basic instructions nothing is written down we just do it.  Unfortunately, she is unable to make her oysters anymore but my sisters and I carry on the tradition.  Thinking of all of that made me smile. 

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