Thursday, January 5, 2012

Smell of Success

Yes the smell of success.  Sometimes it means FRAUD!  Yes I have been getting several inquiries for the purchases of paintings only to find out after a few emails it's  a scam!  It is really a shame we hard working folks have to be plagued by this.  Like artists have any extra money to deal with anyone has time or money to deal with the scams.

This is the scoop:  A person writes you and inquires about paintings and prices. ( they seem to pick the best in my eyes).  As you are discussing the payment plan they respond to tell you they will be paying by cashier's check and they will make arrangements with a shipping company  to pick up the items.  They also say that they're moving out of the country and are having "decorative" items shipped (the reason for the shipping company).  Here is the catch....the cashier's check is bogus but the banks can not seem to tell till it is cashed and processed. Next, the check is sent for an extra amount from your quote and being the honest person you cash the check and return the extra money....the honest person is out the returned money.  This happens because the bank finally verifies the cashier's check which is bogus.

I hope all of you read this information and not become a victim.  Also google "art scams on line" and read more.


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