Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Abstraction/Visit to MOMA

One of my favorite abstract expressionist is William deKooning.  I was blessed this month with a trip to NYC and a trip to MoMa and the retrospect.  It was wonderful.  First I've only seen one or two paintings at a time and to have it all chronologically is very insightful.  I always have to remember at these times that this work before me was cutting edge for the time.  As a contemporary viewer I get desensitised  to older art.I have to put myself back in time and think about society, technology, etc to get into the space with the art.
http://habituallychic.blogspot.com/2011/09/de-kooning-retrospective.html  a nice link to :about the exhibit and super pictures.

Clam diggers deKooning

Elaine (I think) and William

P.S.  Most of these old guys won't admit it but................... where would they have been with out the Wives and Women in their lives. A lot of these Ladies were artists in their own right.   Read the biographies to find out!!!

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Rachel Q. said...

Yes!!! These women were great themselves. Yet, a lot more credit is given to the men they supported / promoted. One does wonder where the men would have been without those great women!

I saw your work in Asheville last week. Enjoyed it, and will be following your blog! :)