Monday, May 16, 2011

A season of life

You hear that term a lot and it is so true.  When the children were young I was told you will only have them for a season and I have found that true.  Now I am in the season of one daughter being married this fall and caring for an older parent.  It is what life throws at you (the aging parent not wedding).  Many of know that I am a Christian and my blog does not usually get this personal but ( the proverbial but) right now if I did not have my faith I do not think I could push forward. For any of you that are going through this season in life; my heart and prayers are with you.  Please let me know if I may pray for you in anyway.

The paintings I have been working on lately are a little darker than usual but not any less beautiful.  Red is my color right now which to me is a color that I see as life.  Rich and deep.

Walton/untitled 16x16
Walton/untitled 12x12
Walton/untitled 12x12

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